Ever Faithful, Ever Sure

Ever Faithful, Ever Sure

Shhhhh….we have a new track! Christmas gift arrived earlier

And you can only find it on our home page…for now

Ever Faithful, Ever Sure is for the soul. Look around, this year has been “wonderful” for all of us. But here we are still standing, even if some of us might be limping or even on the hospital bed.

Where there is hope, there is life

God’s word will NEVER EVER be put to shame, or pass away, or fade. No matter what you’re going through or questions in your heart, everything you need, every solution, answer, cure or whatever you need is found in God’s word.

God’s word is the answer, all you have to do is dig in and find out what He says concerning your situation right now!

Whewww for a second I was gone in the spirit. God’s Word always gets me excited! Why not listen to Ever Faithful, Ever Sure and bask yourself in God’s presence…where there is joy in full!!

Officially we will launch the track on the 12th December, but well…I’m too excited to wait and share with my fans

God bless you as you listen and share.

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