Olododo is out!

Olododo is out!

God’s righteousness is our shield! Standard of our God’s rigtheousness can NEVER be diminished.In our trials, lack, human anxiety or expectations and even in our success, our God’s righteousness remain the same!

We live our lives in His rigtheousness.We are embodiment of His righteousness. Bible says…”our own acts of righteousness is like filthy rags.”(Isaiah 64:6)

We live not in our self-righteousness BUT in our God’s righteousness because HE is forever a righteous God.

Through this righteousness we receive healings, provisions, protection and greater heights with Joy of Him that lives in us! Who can fathom the depth of His Love through His righteousness??

Truly, truely our God is a righteous God in all our lives irrespective of situations you and I might be presently.

He is rigtheous God in all seasons. He will never be tired of our issues of life, in Jesus name, Amen!

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