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Aramide Brand Logo Breaker
Lol...guys I know...I know tis not music but all the same I'm just celebrating The Aramide's brand going places and getting bigger and bigger with these baby steps.
Aramide Brand Intro Video
Hello guys, check out The cool Aramide's brand intro video animation made by my team! Very cool...I love eeet!!
Grateful Official Video is out!
The video for the hit track; Grateful by Aramide is now available! Watch, get inspired and share right away.
Olododo (Righteous God) is now available on all digital stores!
Olododo (Righteous God) is now available on the popular digital stores like iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and Deezer.
All night rehearsal
All night rehearsal and session. It was a wonderful time with the Lord
Studio rehearsal
Studio session was fun with the guys, we had a swell time praising God and making melodies